Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday 01/17/10 Recap

Steve, Elise and Myself volunteered on this past sunday. We had several bmx frames (one of them, presumably indestructable and appropriately monikered the "IRON HORSE"), and a couple road frames donated. Steve trued a couple wheels, I worked on the cannondale (it works, aside from the necessity to tune up the derailleurs a little better, and work out a stiff link). Two people named Alby and Leah stopped by to ask about who we are and what we do, they offered some road bike stuff to donate, so we'll probably be seeing some more of them.

I learned a lot of stuff i sort of took for intuitive until it really came down to dailing; involving cantilever brakes. I've only really ever had to adjust spring tension in brakes a couple random times (mostly with bmx-style u-brakes) and kind of felt like a fish out of water on the c'dale - it wasn't until we consulted the good book (zinn and the art of road bike maintenance) that some light was shed on these quirky stopping devices.

Elise made some really cool labels for the small parts drawers, but we'll need some tape to affix them.

word to your whole family.