Saturday, October 31, 2009


From 1:45 PM to 3:30 PM (Saturday) I'll be at the space working on a few things, and organizing. Feel free to stop by if you want to help out or need a hand with anything. We'll be open as usual on Sunday from 3 PM to 7 PM with an open meeting following afterwards.

Fix stuff up!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Volunteers Needed for VegFest on Saturday, October 24th

Hey everyone,
Saturday is vegfest, a great opportunity to table, talk, pass out lit., and take some donations. We will be setting up the bike corral/valet in full force. We are looking for some volunteers to help ease the strain on everyone. Hopefully we can get a couple people to work a couple hours a piece. Please contact me, or any of the collective members first if you would like to volunteer. My email is Or, you can comment on this blog and I'll get a hold of you. Thanks!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Short Update.

Hey everyone,
just a little update here. Audubon went super well on Wednesday. We took donations, gave away cupcakes, fixed bikes and had some awesome conversations. It deffinately felt like the aud. of old, except HOT. Can anyone get involved this Wednesday? It'd be great if someone could make buttons, or food or anything really.

Space will be open on Sunday from 3-7. We decided to consolidate and have our meeting on our open day, to involve the most people. Please come out if you can. Lots to talk about.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Check it!

It's not too late to submit art! We also need to borrow some lights (spot light type) for the show. Please remember to dress up. If you have any questions on what dirty formal is, just imagine if you were at a wedding, and fell down a hill. Or just rip the sleeves off your tux :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Its getting pretty close to the art show. Have you secured a spot/submitted a piece? It's less than a month away. Don't Snooze. Also, remember, the dress is dirty formal/jeremy formal...anyone who rides mass in their party gear will get something special (free drink or food or gift). Flyer up soon.

We will be doing a casual little bike scavenger hunt on sept 13th to help raise money for the space. $1 gets you entry. prizes will be stuff like beer or goodies...nothing huge, but its always fun! We will most likely be doing this sort of thing once a month.

Sept 19 is Back 2 School Shuffle 2: Endless Summer. Mark your calenders and look for a flyer soon.

Open hours will stay the same through Sept. at the bucket. Sunday 3pm - 7pm, Thursday 5pm - 9pm. We would really like to start distributing more bikes. If you know anyone that needs a bike, and would like to do the earn a bike program, please have them contact us in person or via email at


Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Check your e-mails for the August Calendar of events. Please post what else you would like to see added for the September calendar.

Have fun at Audubon market tonight!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Today - Special Bucket Hours

Today I'm gong to be working on a couple bikes from 5PM until about 630 - so if the doors open, come say hello! If you need any help with anything or need to use tools, I'll be up there.

Milk district meeting tonight!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bicycle Art Show // Send in Submissions!

click image for larger version

I'll be the first to apologize to any of you out there who use this blog as a way to keep up on news about RCBC - posts have been few and far-between, and I can only explain by saying that we've all been busy busy busy.


Saturday the 18th: (tomorrow)

10% Day at Ethos Vegan Kitchen (1235 N. Orange Ave. - Map)
With flyer (obtain one from us) - have 10% of your check on Saturday donated to Rusted Chain Bike Collective - There also will be a showing of the film "Still We Ride" - about the criminalization of critical mass in NYC in the years after the Republican National Convention in 2004 - (9PM) and Apples to Apples. More info RIGHT HERE on this very blog, very soon.


In other news, our tentative "space" (colloquially known as "The Bucket") has now "soft opened." It's located at Maguire and Colonial (map) in the Public Storage complex - but we're outside of the gate, about 20 feet from the road. Can't miss us. At the moment, we're open two days a week, with the intention to expand these hours as our availability suits in the coming days. So with the addition of these two days, you have three days a week to hang out with us and learn about your bike:

Sunday: 3PM-7PM
@ The Bucket (Colonial Dr. and Maguire Blvd - map)

Wednesday: 6PM-10PM
@ Audubon Park Community Market (Stardust Video and Coffee - map)

Thursday: 5PM-9PM
@ The Bucket (Colonial Dr. and Maguire Blvd - map)

NOTE: If you have large items you wish to donate (bikes, etc.) sunday and thursday are ideal, as a lot of us ride bikes to the community market


click to enlarge

Please Circulate this information.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday Meetings at Ethos

At our meeting today we took a group shot with some of our memebers. Just thought I'd post it :]

Every Monday @ Ethos Vegan Kitchen 6pm

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today is technically sunday. For those of you that forgot, whether intentionally or not, today we will be open at the space from 3-7. I will be there at three(ish) to open the space. There is a lot of work to do. Please bring any bikes/parts/tools you have to donate. See you all soon!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Audubon Park Community Market May 27th

So I was searching for pictures of pedicabs and I came across a picture of my inspiration to build one. This is a Cambodian Pedicab that was brought down by Jim Manuel of the Orlando Blues Society. Now when I say "Cambodian" I don't mean "In the style of" I mean it's legit from Cambodia.

We couldn't find anything really wrong with the bike. Mike used his Phone a Friend Lifeline and called up Metha to figure what measurement system was even used on those tires. Once the tires were pumped up it was ready to go.

I had a terrific time just rolling the pedicab back and forth (yes, it was a fixed gear) and occasionally taking someone on a loop around the parking lot.

Picture Credit goes to Mark Baratelli (
Original Article is here: Link

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Maybe a little inspiration??

Found these randomly:

"Working Bikes Cooperative, Chicago, ILL"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sunday Meeting about Earth Day

At 5:00pm on Sunday (4/26) we will be meeting at Jon and Kyle's place to discuss our plans for Earth Day. Earth Day will be on May 2nd, from 10:00am - 6:00pm.

3715 Chelsea st.
Orlando, FL 32803

Things we need to finalize:
-tabling schedule

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We need a table and a tent!!

The table and tent we are currently using belongs to Nicole's parents and signs of damage is starting to show. So as a collective we need to have our own supplies.

So if you know anyone with a table or a tent who wouldn't mind donating it to the collective or even selling it for a discount then let us know please!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Photos Pre-Meeting tomorrow

hey everyone,
my friend still needs photos of people with bikes.  he's taking them on a large format camera (which is pretty b.a.).  he shot buddy and me last week and unfortunately they didn't come out.  if you wanted a photo with your bike, come to ethos around 5:15/5:30 NEXT MONDAY april 27th, and Chris will be there.  

if you have any questions, you can call 407-617-2998 to get Chris.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

RcBc at Earthday (May 2nd)

So I just had a meeting with Larry about us participating at Earthday...

We are being given TONS of room! The area will be the Rusted Chain Bike Park. Referring both to the fact that there will be a large area to lock up AND to the fact that we will have a large area to do demonstrations and a mini area if we want to use it.

I won't go into everything in depth but I took a few photos of where we will be setting up with descriptions.

I'll be going through it at the Monday meeting and explaining what we need to do (set up times, staffing, etc)

I know not everyone can attend the meeting so members that want to help out can contact me (Trent) directly. Tomorrow is my 25th bday AND 7th year of being vegan, Saturday is Fixed Fight. so while i'll be out and I won't have email anyone can feel free to text me with any questions.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Monday Meeting

Meeting tomorrow same place same time, Ethos 6:00pm.
Topics to discuss include:
-recap (411, kids bike tune up, get active meeting)
-earth day
-bike co-op field trip
-audubon market

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Audubon Market

Does your bike need a tune up? Can't figure out what's causing that squeaking sound?

Well stop by Wednesday night at Stardust and we'll take a look at it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fools' Alleycat Saturday!

April Fools' Alleycat
to benefit the rusted chain bike collective and east orlando food not bombs
Saturday, April 4th
Meet up at Lazy Moon (12269 University Blvd.)
2:00pm Register
3:00pm Race
Trick competition afterwords
$5 to race

Friday, March 27, 2009

Front Porch Radio

On Wednesday, March 18th, Julie Norris invited us on her radio talk show, Front Porch Radio. Nick and Disney did a great job talking about the collective, bike safety, our upcoming events, etc. If you missed it you can catch it here.

Spoker Run Recap

A few photos from the race, check 'em out!

for more go to: shortformelissa, nicoke!, mooj, vegantnt

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Audubon Market

Hey everyone, we had a great turn out on Wednesday at the Audobon Market. About eight people showed up to help, we gave a bike away to someone who needed it to commute to work, and we raised $38.22! Next week we are aiming to have an e-mail list sign up sheet on the table and hopefully we can give away another sweet ride!


Saw this on nicoke's flickr

good job!

New Opportunity

I got this in the mail from Mighk today:

"The third annual Parramore Kidz Zone Pedal 4 Pride Ride is coming up on May 2. The Parramore kids always need bikes (they either get stolen or are falling apart). Their program director Toni can get plenty of bikes, but we need help getting them in rideable condition. Could Rusted Chain come in and help with this; work with some of the kids to fix up the bikes? Get Active Orlando can pitch in some dollars to buy parts if need be.

Seeya at CM tomorrow!


-I think it'd be a great way to network and get our name out there, but most of all, it'll be directly impacting the people we want to help.


Benefit House Show Saturday!

This Saturday, March 28th, the Rusted Chain Bike Collective is putting on a benefit show. Come out and enjoy some wonderful music by Wheels Above and Dirty Fist! (an amazing female duo band).
There will be a keg and we are asking $5 for a cup. As well as donations that will go towards gas since Dirty Fist! came all the way down from Gainesville. All of the proceeds will go towards the Rusted Chain Bike Collective.

Where: 1918 Woodward Ave.
When: 9:00pm

Wheels Above:
Dirty Fist!:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Meeting

Meeting today at 6:00pm at Ethos.

-spoker run report back
-benefit show this saturday
-april fools alleycat (april 4th)
-april 11th ethos
-july 18th ethos
-city email
-jon donation
-capture the flag

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spoker Run Alleycat Tomorrow!!

Rusted Chain presents Spoker Run Alleycat
to benefit the rusted chain bicycle collective
Saturday, March 21st
Registration at 3 Race starts at 4
Register and start at the field on the corner of E. Robinson St. and N. Bumby Ave
Ends at Dandelion Communitea Café
Mel will have a photo shoot setup
Price is $5 or $3 with a donation of a usable bike part or tool.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bike Tune Up!

Stop by at Stardust tonight (6-9pm) for a bike tune up! or just to say hello. We are part of the Audubon Park Community Market that happens every Wednsday night.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quick one

Did we decide to sponsor the bike freecycle at ethos?

Laina wants to know - if not could we? - basically it would just entail we get our name on the flier and take home the leftovers - pretty much free publicity and free parts.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Meeting!

Ethos @ 6:00pm
Lots of things to discuss, mainly the space.

Agenda (so far):
-space (don't forget to vote!)
-radio show this wednesday
-spoker run alleycat, whoo!!
-change of meeting time?
-ethos + rusted chain (april 11th)
-Audubon market

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun Ride!

shenanigans afterwords?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

April 11th // Fundraiser event at Ethos

What we've got so far:

April 11th, we'll have a fundraiser at ethos - 2PM until 6PM (aftershenannigans?)

We talked at the last meeting about having:
Freecycle-esque part exchange
Bike Repairs
Beer (kelly offered to front the keg, milk district style)
Music (tunes, bands, karaoke) (kelly said karaoke is out for now as they've already agreed 'no karaoke' for the restaurant)
Tallbike jousting in the park
other jousting?

I'm down to help set up some general workshops, we'll have a stage available during this, so I think it'd be a good idea to have some sort of "copy" available to read off or to just explain the project.

What if we did a raffle? We could maybe fix up a bike from spirit of joy or one of the bikes at my house as a prize.

Whose got the tools?

Lets make literature to have at the table too.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spoker Run planning

anyone who is free, a few of us will be meeting at dandelion at 2:00pm on tuesday to talk about the spoker run. you should come to this meeting even if you plan on riding in the race (no details about the route, etc. have to be given). we need your help!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Shout Outs

Meeting Wednesday about the radio show. If you can't make it, please comment ideas you'd like to bring up to be part of the show.

Offical Spoker Run Flyer

post this everywhere!!!!



Meeting will be at ethos 6 again!!! spread the word!!!
Alan Clapsaddle will be there

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spoker Run

Hey guys, I know there is a meeting to talk about the radio show, but I think we should also have one to get our thoughts together on the execution of the Spoker Run. We need to figure out who's printing what, getting more sponsors, especially local, and such. Anyone? I'd like to do this asap and if this is already planned, then you just wasted time reading all this bologna.

Fundraiser Opportunity

Kelly (owner of ethos) asked me if we'd like to put together a fundraisier (pronounced fun-dwah-zeyeay) at ethos april 11th - he offered to buy a keg and give us the profits, we could do it somewhat milkdistrict style - free tuneups, etc., but we could also book bands.

Spoker Run Alleycat // March 21st

Saturday, March 21st
Register at 3:00pm @ Robinson and Bumby (yourlando)
Benefit for Rusted Chain Bike Collective
More info to come.....
*Flier by bullyius

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free repairs Wednesday nights @ Stardust

"Starting this Wednesday, the 4th, Rusted Chain Bike Collective will be doing repairs for free/donations at Audubon Park Community Market. Depending on the turn-out, we'll also be doing some mini-skillshares about things like adjusting gears, overhauling hubs, etc. Bring your bikes/questions/knowledge to Stardust from 6-9pm.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Post Yr Schedule // Availability for Meetings!

There has been some talk about changing/rotating the meeting time from Mondays @ 6:00pm. So post when you are available that way we can figure something out.

We should avoid Weds. from 5-9:00pm cause of the bike fix up at stardust and fnbs (since some members overlap).

Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun Ride recap

So yesterday was our first fun ride, despite the windy weather a group of 14 people showed up at Lake High Land Park. We waited til 4:30pm before heading out because it was the first ride and we didn't want to leave anyone that battled the weather just to get there to be left behind. It was a joyful 6 mile ride planned by Birdie.

Come out next week!

Important Meeting Today.


If you can try and make it to the meeting today. We will be discussing and voting on the space that Steve proposed (church shed) among other things. We also have to discuss the Spoker Run, what to do with Fundraiser money, a possibility of changing the meeting time, logo, etc.
When: 6:00pm (be there on time, please)
Where: Ethos

Friday, February 27, 2009

Benefit Show THIS Saturday

I hope that everyone involved with the Rusted Chain in any way (if you are in town) comes out to the show I booked on Saturday. It would be a real shame if I set up this event and it isn't somewhat legitimate - ie; just me and a donation bucket. More importantly, if anyone who can speak with bit more eloquence about our goals and what we are going to be doing, that would be extremely helpful. I don't think I am a good enough spokesperson. Anyway, if you can RSVP in some way, please do.

Here are the details:

I don'​t have a fancy​ flyer​ or anyth​ing
but Satur​day night​ - THIS satur​day,​ the 28th,​ we will be hosti​ng a benef​it show,​ for the Ruste​d Chain​ Bike Co-​Op we'​re start​ing up in Orlan​do,​ at Stard​ust (http:​/​/​www.​ myspa​ce.​ com/​stard​ustvi​deoan​dcoff​ee)
We will be kindl​y accep​ting sugge​sted donat​ions of 5 dolla​rs,​ and I promi​se it will be worth​ it!

1991 (​kevin​ = here + dylan​ = live video​ feed from seatt​le)​
http:​/​/​www.​myspa​ce.​ com/​thisi​s1991​

hahah​elp!​ (​Miami​)​
http:​/​/​www.​myspa​ce.​ com/​hahah​elp

Perma​nent Nap
(Me + Kevin)

Clown​ Car Commu​te (St. Augus​tine)​
http:​/​/​www.​myspa​ce.​ com/​clown​carco​mmute​

The Co-​Op is very impor​tant to me, perso​nally​,​ and our commu​nity,​ and raisi​ng money​ is impor​tant for getti​ng it start​ed as soon as possi​ble.​ All of these​ bands​ rule,​ and if you compl​ain that there​ is nothi​ng to do in Orlan​do and you don'​t come to this,​ then there​ is your probl​em.​

Also on Sunda​y at 4, we'​ll be meeti​ng for Fun Ride this month​ at Lake Highl​and Park,​ at Lake Highl​and and Terra​ce.​

Be there​ at 9, that'​s when it start​s!​

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Race planning/meeting with julie

"Is anyone available tomorrow, Thursday, to start planning the route, get some other stuff hammered out, and possibly meet with julie of dandelion? I was thinking mid day, but after the lunch rush....2ish?


Time: 2:00pm
Location: Dandelion

Got a call from Pat at hoops

She wants to know if we still would like to set up a show, in the near future, at their establishment. Any thoughts on this?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Volunteer Opportunity Wednesdays

Last night we reached consensus that the co-op would have a presence at the Audubon Park Community Market at Stardust on Wednesday nights. I currently do tune-ups and very basic repairs for tips, which could be transitioned into donations for the co-op. I'd like to get a display and some literature out there next Wednesday if possible, and would really like some other members to come out and volunteer their time and know-how on coming Wednesdays. It's a relaxed environment and the organizer has nothing but good intentions. There are already tools and a stand, so all you would need to bring is yourself. The first few Wednesdays I could hang out and make sure everyone feels comfortable before leaving you on your own.

If you are interested in designing the display and/or volunteering please contact me: I'm also happy to give how-to tutorials to those that feel like they could use it.

P.S. I got called into work this Wednesday, the 25th, so I won't be there until the next one on the 4th.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Meeting Monday.

Ethos at 6:00pm.
Critical Mass is this Friday, it's our time to shine and spread the gospel.......ah i meant the word.....what I'm trying to say is that we need to talk to the bike community about the rusted chain bike collective and how it can be beneficial to all of us.

Agenda so far:
-report backs (show, alleycat)
-literature for CM
-Fun Ride
-bike hunx

Friday, February 20, 2009


There's a meeting today with Pastor Alan from First United Church of Christ. It's at the church of which a building on the property is a proposed spot for the coop. The meeting is at 7 pm. Please make it especially if you have reservations/questions about utilizing what this church has offered. I will not be able to make it due to an inconvenient change in my schedule. Bring your thoughts! The address is below.

View Larger Map

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

April Fools' Alleycat

Mark your calendars for the April Fools' Alleycat on April 4th.

All the proceeds will be going to the Rusted Chain Bike Collective and East Orlando Food Not Bombs.

Logo Submissions

Julius agreed on making us a logo but would like some ideas. Why not open this to the general public? So if you have an idea of what our logo should look like post it in the comments!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Meeting Announcements!

Tomorrow - Ethos - Noon
Spoker Run Sponsorship Meeting

Friday - F.U.C.C. - 7PM
Meeting with Alan Clapsaddle

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Monday Meeting!

It's that time again. Meeting this Monday at 6:00pm at Ethos.

Agenda so far:
-report backs (show at hoops, alleycat, capture the flag, etc.)
-bike hunx

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Riseup List Activated!

Hey the riseup mailing list was finally activated. I'm going to add in all the people on the "mailing list" - if you'd like to get on the list and haven't gotten any previous emails - leave me yr email and i'll put it on there..


Alan from FUCC has informed me he has a mountain of bikes to donate.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


hey just thought id let yall know my brother is sending a bunch of goodies for the rusted chain

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly Meeting Today!

We will be meeting today at 6:00pm @ Ethos for our weekly meeting. There's a lot to discuss, so try extra hard to make it to this one.


Friday, February 6, 2009

What: Meeting!

When: 7 PM
Where: First United Church of Christ, 4605 Curry Ford Rd., Orlando , FL
Why: To discuss the use of a building there for the co-op
Who: Whomever!
Walrus: They're cool!


Monday, February 2, 2009


your way on over to Ethos for a meeting at 6 PM TODAY!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"The Holy Grail"

Well, while the title may be a play on words I personally feel blessed by the generosity Alan and the rest of First United Church of Christ on Curry Ford have shown not just Food Not Bombs, but the entire community. I'm sure many of you are wondering where I'm going with this, and oh believe me, I'll get there.

While over at F.U.C.C. (yes, laugh at the acronym because we do too!) this previous Sunday night, I walked around the property and talked to Alan about the use of resources. While we were talking about the FNB office we have over there, and the copious amount of land we have planned for a community garden. I was focused on the back back shed. I say back back because there are two.

While currently the shed holds tables, and fertilizer, and gardening tools it could be utilized for something more, as right now it's just kind of used for storage. So, the question popped into my head and I blurted it out, "Hey Alan, could a bunch of use the back back shed for a bike co-op?" He said of course, as his genuine loving heart always agrees to help everyone out. So the second question came "Would you want us to pay rent?", I quietly said. "Of course not, that's a silly thing to ask," Alan joyfully said back.

So ladies and gents, here she is the proposed FREE building near Curry Ford and Conway. It also comes free with electricity (which I think we should donate an allotted amount of incoming donations to compensate for our usage, if we choose to utilize this space), and all this sweet black pipe, and PVC. The front "yard" if you will is where FNB plans to start a community garden in conjunction with anyone wanting to help and get their hands dirty, more word on that soon, but for now here are some picture I took the other day. Please discuss.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Name list from IBOT:

Velorution (pseudo-dyslexic spelling of 'revolution' - includes 'velo' for bicycle)
Velohalla (play on 'valhalla' - or viking heaven - again 'velo' for bike)
Bike Core
Spokes Council
Orlando Bike Co-op or City Beautiful Bike Co-op (CBBC)
Wicked wisdom
The Pie Plate (bsnyc joke, of course)
ombc - orlando mounted bicycle collective
Regional Organization for Bikes On The Streets...or. R.O.B.O.T.S.
bicycle your orlando blocks --- BYOB!
byob - build your own bike
rusted chain bicycle collective
seized bottom bracket bicycle collective
broken spoke bicycle collective (not to be confused with broken spoke saloon)
severed derailleur cable bicycle collective
throttle grip bicycle collective
toe-overlap bicycle collective
njs supermarket
stripped nut bicycle collective
bike crisis (thanks keri)
bikeage (a la descendents)
scott stapp bikes
disneyland bike collective
vintage city cycles --parody--
victory cycles --parody--
kyles bike collective --parody--
glory bicycles --parody--
old town cycles --parody--
mango cycles --parody--
daves co-op --parody--
robot coop
ROBOCOOP ( ride on bikes orlando - co op ) jaja
Velo, Goodbye!
jeromey spoke (get it?) in class today
Face Full of Coop
flew the coop
hangin with mr coop
Ye Olde Bicycle Co-Oppe?
a sprok-work orange
Bike All Collevtice (BAC)
'our streets' bicycle collective
twisted nipple collective
407 bike co-op
"not bikings"
"cops are the future"
Bike City.
The Hub and Spoke
seat & guts
"The old frame and spoke"
"the rusty chain"
the grape and van.
robotlegs coop
"the broken leg"
Pedal to the Pavement
the bike shack?
"THis is BIKE CO-OP"
Crank it up co-op
the spoke'n sprocket -----
the seat post clamp and crown race
Orlando Cycle Co Op OCCO
"das fucked up bikez"
the old my knee hurts and I gotz a broken crank
orlando bicycle co-op
valve and stem
"Wheels and Driver"
"cops are the future"
"Flew the coop"
"a sprok work orange"
"Bikes, Bikes, and Bikes"
co-ops are the future
the rusted frame
lazarus frames/co-op/bikes
tiger army
frames r' us
seizin' of chains (play of season of change)
skunk ape bikes
skunk ape bicycle collective
skunk ape bicycle cooperative
skunk ape cycles
the workhorse
fixyourbikeherefree (or fiyobiherf for short, naturally)
das uberbikens kollective
The bike republic.
American Apparel.
crankslovakia, cranksylvania
american APEarrel
Cycling Outreach Of the People... C.O.-O.P.
Balancing Efforts to Kill Excessiveness... B.I.K.E.
Fork Yeah
bike shelter
rescued bikes
zurg bicycles
peter frametown
Coop Kids
The 'X' (X = Street) Bicycle Revival

I'd like to go out on a limb and propose that we strike the jokes from this list:
-wicked wisdom
-njs supermarket
-scott stapp bikes
-vintage city cycles --parody--
-victory cycles --parody--
-kyles bike collective --parody--
-glory bicycles --parody--
-old town cycles --parody--
-mango cycles --parody--
-daves co-op --parody--
-jeromey spoke (get it?) in class today
-flew the coop
-hangin with mr coop
-"not bikings"
"-cops are the future"
-the grape and van.
-the old my knee hurts and I gotz a broken crank
-tiger army
-frames r' us
-American Apparel.
-american APEarrel

I'm thinking of a reliable way to collect votes. diebold, whats up?

possible location

 3804 n. Orange Blossom Trail, 32804
10x20 space
24hr access
Shelves and such
$275 a month and can be rented month to month.



i think we need to put a deadline up for name ideas, then put together a list for everyone to start looking at and narrowing down, so we can vote on a name.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Location Proposal

$600 20'x15' upstairs at the Cameo Theatre

near the intersection of colonial and thornton (1 block west of mills)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Name Meeting // Bike Hunx

No notes were taken for the "meeting" at my house this morning. We talked about the name some more, and decided that based upon how difficult it is to get everyone together at once (especially those who want to help but can't make meetings), that we'd try to get some type of online meeting together.

Naming process proposal:

1) Online, Those-Involved, Nomination-Ballot Method

a) it's tough to get everyone together to meet

b) many of us are online

c) people who aren't involved or don't plan on being involved should not be able to vote on the name

d) process - all "involved" each nominate one name from the "big list" / once the "final list" is compiled, those "involved" will vote on the name / most votes should win

e) pros: efficient, quick, decisive, ought to decide the "most liked" name

f) cons: there may be a situation to arise that there will be many choices with one vote (likely the choices' nominator), allowing a choice with only two votes to pass with a possible 2-for 15-against margin.

g) mediation option: group discusses the nominees and narrows it down to 4 "finalists"



Bike Hunx Calendar

We've got two photographers lined up, Mel and Sarahbeard. We've got 20 committed "models."

Time to connect the dots...

Tentative/Example Run Order:

February: Shipwreck
March: Brian Badluck
April: Luís 'el guapo' Ramos
May: Eric Montañez
June: Jon Scarboro
July: Derek SchleppinDeckle
August: Ryan Fromdeland
September: Jimmy
October: Rapevan
November: Mujahid
December: Josh Hood
January: Antimo
February: Garrett
March: Anthony Positano
April: Zach Fortune
May: Nick
June: Justin
July: Jonbeard
August: Facefulloflightning

Alternately, we could do a couple "hunx" per month and keep it a 12-month calendar

After talking to mel a little, we thought it would be a good idea for the "hunx" to "plan out" their shot - i.e. get props you'll need yourself, make times for shoots, etc. I'll figure out when Mel/Sarah are available and we could set up some "shoot days" soon. Hunx, check yr emails.

Lets get these done for valentines day ! (wishful thinking, of course)

Meeting Notes 012009

Meeting with Mighk Wilson of Metroplan Orlando and Cristina Cruz and Charles Brown of the City of Orlando
@ 903 Mills Market


Mighk Wilson (Metroplan Orlando)
Charles Brown (City of Orlando)
Cristina Cruz (City of Orlando)

Notetaker: Ryan

The meeting flowed "free-form" with informal discussions. No facilitator or stacker were needed.

Mighk Wilson introduced himself - he works with Metroplan Orlando, a non-profit quasi-governmental agency which is not part of the city. He coordinates for Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties on a pedestrian and bicycle transportation board. He works from above (less hands-on) to help develop public education programs about bicycles and bicycle advocacy. Helps organize a regional transportation plan, the agency filters federal money to projects.

"The Collective" adressed Wilson and two city staffers about what we're about and our ideas about how to achieve the goal.

Staffers informed us that they've had some meetings about similar prospective programs and nothing has yet come to fruition. The city, through liability concerns, had waited for a grassroots group to take such a project on.

Some discussion followed about incorporation as a 501(c)3 federal non-profit. As well as ideas about prospective umbrella organizations that might sponsor such an event to "share" the 501(c)3 status. Both Carrot and Fist Collective, Inc. (the financial disbursement entity of Orlando Food not Bombs), and the Florida Bicycle Association (a group on which Mighk Wilson is a board member) were mentioned

Get Active Orlando was explained by Mighk. It has existsed for 5 years to promote the usage of bicycles and walking as a viable transportation method. It also helped organized a bike ride with Parramore kids zone. This ride was a "hit" as kids got to ride in their streets freely and be out in numbers without worrying about crime. They started to throw around ideas for an Earn-a-Bike program through parramore kids zone. Mighk follwed up with that explaining the bevy of programs "throwing" bikes all over parramore, without sufficient public education programs about the maintenance of the bikes or a program to get locks to people, so as a result, many bikes were falling into disuse from disrepair, or being stolen. These are topics the collective should not only take into account, but also actively try to address through the public education aspect of the collective, and a possible "earn-a-lock- program.

Charles stressed the importance of checking in with the commissioner of parramore (daisy lynum), as well as other local groups and entities about integrating the project with the community to avoid synonymity and increase the effectiveness of the program.

Charles stated the city's concerns with startng a similar program is mostly due to liability issues - but still wants to help somehow.

Mike summarizd the fundriaser on saturday.

Bike month - Charles asked us if we'd be interested in providing some sort of entertainment for kids for an event. If we did tricks or knew of anything like that. Mike added that freak bikes would be a "good draw." Some interest on part of the collective was shown about either a trick show or some polo games - Charles requested that we email him some relevant videos to give him a better idea of what they look like.

Mighk announced the Get Active Orlando Meetings are the first tuesday on each month
9AM at Parks and Rec hq on Primrose.

In a word, the meeting was "introductory"

new emails:
Charles Brown, City of Orlando Transportation Planner -
Cristina Cruz, City of Orlando Transportation Planner -
Mighk Wilson, Metroplan Orlando, Smart Growth Planner -

Existing List: or

Recap Pt. II

Etoile donated 10% of their sales to the project which wound up being about $50 - Thanks Etoile

Running total on fundraised money: $224.04

Way to go!

Saturdays Fundraiser Recap:

relayed from elocin:

"Hi everyone! First let me start by giving a huge thanks to everyone who came out to the Milk District BBQ on Saturday. Everyone's support was amazing and the fundraiser was a huge success! Also, thanks to Katie (and Corey!) from Etoile for letting us use space in front of her shop, all they guys from the Milk District, Aaron for providing awesome vegan hotdogs, Julius and Mel for the buttons, and Trent for the yummy treats! We raised a grand total of $234.04 by the end of the day and after paying $60 for the keg, our total donations from Saturday were $174.04, which will go directly to the collective.

Once again, many thanks to everyone who donated, supported, and braved the chilly weather with us for our first Co-Op fundraiser!


Meeting Reminders

Meetings Today

Noon - General Meeting at Ryan's House - 2139 Carlton Dr.
2PM - Meeting with Mighk Wilson at Mills Market - mills and gore

Friday, January 16, 2009

Meeting Notes 011609


What We Got
Mission Statement
Freak Bikes

Saturday Noon-7PM @ Milk District
Grand Opening of Etoiles new location, Aaron's "customer appreciation day," Our fundraiser

What We Got:
Buttons // Julius is working on 45+ of them

Ryan is bringing the workbench w/ some tools - repairs for free or donation

Mission Statement
Ryan will print out the mission statement and put it on the diorama

Will consist of:
-Mission Statement
-Silly Before/after pics
-Blog URL

$5 Donation for a cup - gets you beer 'til the kegs dry

Ryan's got a pack of T's // Mike and shit-b are also bringing t-shirts
Mike will scout some paint
"i supported orlando's first bike collective"
"bike fist"
"tall bike"

Mike talked to mel/juls - will need to meet up next week about it // Sarahbeard also will take the pics
18-month calendar possible

Freak Bikes
Toight Boike
Low Chopper
Swing Bike
"Gimme yr money"
Sean's Aunt

Donation Jar
We need labels - Mike volunteered nicole to do so

Signup Sheet
for Email List

Upcoming Meetings
W/ Mighk Wilson // Tuesday // 2PM @ Mills Market
W/ Eachothers // Tuesday // Noon @ Ryan's House (Ritz-Carlton) 2139 Carlton Dr.
W/ Mel Date TBA

I'm getting there around 11 - what about you?

Meeting Today

There's some confusion about the meeting location for today - Mike says he'll be at ethos - I'm also at ethos - is this good for everyone?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pre-Milk District Party Meeting Pt.II / Co-Op Space Walk Thru

From what I've assesed from the emails, I believe the meeting will take place tomorrow (Friday 12/16/09). Have we decided on a meeting location? I know I, for one, will be there. 

Are we going to make a walk thru of one of the prospective locations for the co-op. The one on Curry Ford? 2pm after the meeting good?

PreMilk District Party meeting..

With the big day nearing I think it would be a good idea if we have a small pregame meeting. We can go over everything to make sure the day will run smoothly... what do you guys think...I'm free before 5pm and after 10pm tomorrow and i have off all day Friday...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

City Involvement Pt. 1

Julius Wisened us up to this:

"Julius: The City of Orlando is actually interested in helping such an effort and may even have a space for it. Contact me at 407-481-5672 x318 or"

I followed up with Mighk via email...

Email Correspondence

Me to Mighk:
"Hello Mighk,

My name is Ryan Hutchinson, and I'm helping put this idea into motion.
Is there a time we would meet to talk about what goals we may have in

Thanks for your interest

Mighk to Me:
"Pretty much any time. I've got a 3:30 mtg today, and I'm teaching
tomorrow night between 5:00 and 9:00. Call my cell at 407-488-9990.


Me to Mighk:
"(not to sound too professional, but...) i'll talk to my people and see
when everyone's available - maybe earlier next week?


So that said what "terms" are we going to set for participation in such a thing? When would people be able to meet this person?

My own ideas:
-we have complete autonomy over the way the spot is run
-there will be no profiteering opportunities for anyone (city and us included)
-city shouldn't get all the credit
-we keep our radical agenda

Mission Draft

Here's the first draft of the mission statement Antimo and I cooked up. Comments, suggestion, edits, hating welcome.

The objective of The Orlando Bicycle Cooperative is to offer educational, recreational, and career-building opportunities through bicycling. We will provide access to space, tools, and experience in a safe environment free of discrimination. OBC will promote self-reliance through cycling, encourage movement towards environmental sustainability, and grow local unity.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Milk District Party Update

I started working on a description of the project to include on the "informational diorama" i'm putting together for the party this saturday - for the sake of collectivism and transparency, I think it ought to be okay'd and if anyone has any suggestions, let e know.



Bike Hunx Calendar UPDATE:

Here's the details as the exist so-far for the Bike Hunx Calendar:

January: Facefulloflightning
February: Shipwreck
March: Brian Badluck
April: Luís 'el guapo' Ramos
May: Eric Montañez
June: Jon Scarboro
July: Derek SchleppinDeckle
August: Ryan Fromdeland
September: Jimmy
October: Rapevan
November: Mujahid
December: Josh Hood

also Antimo, Garrett, Justin, Zach Fortune, Nick, Anthony Positano (yes we signed you up, anthony), jonbeard

As you'll notice, we've got 12-months lined up, and, depending on when we get this shot/compiled/printed, it'll concieveably run from the month-after. For example, if we get these done in february, we'll start with March (Badluck, pressure is on...) and roll until February 2010 (wow 2010 sounds weird...). I know we talked about other people who we'd like to try to include in this (hood, etc.) - so maybe we could work on an 18-month calendar? Or maybe skip the group shot? What does everyone think?


First Fundraiser!

Milk District Party/BBQ


Milk District (The spot on robinson behind T.G. Lee, with Beta/Covert/Etoile etc.) - where most races here end


Saturday, January 17th // 12NOON-7PM


This is going to be a cool fun day to hang out. Firstly, Beta, Covert and Etoile are all having sales on their respective wares, There will be FREE vegan hot dogs provided by Aaron, the GRAND OPENING of both, ETOILE's new location (in the front of the building) and a NEW RECORD STORE called WIGGLY WORLD in the spot behind - where Etoile used to be.

This will functionally be the first fundraiser in a series of many to get the co-op going. Etoile has offered us a spot to table to tell people about the project, as well as to solicit donations. There are a couple plans working themselves out, but it looks like we'll have tools/bike repair, a donation jar, a "diorama," and buttons for sale. Etoile is also donating 10% of their sales to the project as well as having, on their own counter, a donation jar. Let's make this a strong start to a great project! Come out, hang out, eat some vegan hot dogs, buy some clothes or skateboards or records, and we'll help this community grow together.


Mike says he's got a table and a popup tent, I've got some tools, a toolbox and a workbench/workstand, we ought to be able to use the food not bombs truck to get the big stuff there. I'm working on the diorama today, probably finish by friday. Julius has agreed to make some buttons. Antimo/Jon Scarboro, will you be able to have the mission statement available? Does anyone want to come up with some literature? does anyone want to add on anything?



I stumbled across this today - it's a great resource!



There is a list of collectives and co-ops linked from the main page - there are some great names in there, as well as about 50 plays on the word "recycle" (recycles, recyclery, recycled bicycles, etc., with much interregional synonymity).

Hope this helps keep those name ideas coming!


Also, I emailed Park Tools and asked very eloquently if they'd be interested in donating blemished/backstock/etc. tools for the project. I'd like to see what comes of it.


(if anyone else wants to contribute to this blog, gimme yr email adress!)
Bike Collective Meeting #2 // 011208

Ryan Fromdeland
Jonathan (had to leave early)

Name - Mike
Mission/Points of Unity - Mike
Explicit Political Agenda? - Mike/Jonathan
What we are/What we're not/boundaries - Mike
Place/Reportbacks if there are any - Mooj
Fundraising - Antimo
Hours - Jonathan
Operations/logs/keys - Jonathan/nicole
Responsibilities - Nicole
Moneyhandling - Mike
Work with the city? - Jonathan
Tools - Have/need - Jonathan
Web presents

The meeting started with a quick, informal discussion about how we would arrive at decisions as a group, i.e. what is our decision-making process. After some quick discussion, we unanimously decided on a strong majority, with emphasis on mediating minority opinions.

Mike asked the group if we'd thought of any names. Jonathan had a point that our name may be reflective of our stated explicit or implicit political views. Mooj suggested that we postpone working on a name as he pointed out that the name has a rather significant impact on whomever works with us. Mike and mooj proposed that we oughtta work on this via the internet. Group voted Yes.

Mike brought up that we need these in writing to be more clear to the public about who we are and what we (will) do.
Mission statement: mooj formally proposed that someone volunteer to write up a statement that we, as a group, will edit and revise it together, then adopt it. Group agreed.

Popular Education on Bicycle Maintenance
"create a world that doesn't rely on the use of fossil fuels"
"Bicycling and knowledge about bicycle maintenance should be a more "Free" process // bicycle shop attitudes alienate"
Sliding scale/option to work for parts/bikes
Safe place - no sexism, racism, homophobia, religious/political discrimination

Discussions revolved around the positive effects of political involvement and the inherent political-ness of a bike collective. We talked about the necessity to not be preachy or alienating by being too densely political. The group agreed to define our positions by a positive whenever possible (i.e. we're for clean air rather than against cars). Support of political groups should be decided on a case-by-case basis with a vote.

Mike talked about his ideas about the purpose of the space.

-drug use // group agreed to no drug use at the co-op
-alcohol // no alcohol during open hours
-after hours // alcohol okay
-if no restroom = no pee pee or poo poo on the premises
-place won't be a party place, unless it's a fundraiser
"if you're there hanging out, have the door open, be ready to help passers by"

tools stay in the shop - group agreed
loaner box for volunteers w/ basic tools to check out
tool ownership - if someone feels comfortable letting the co-op borrow a tool, we ought to allow it with the following conditions: the tool will be used properly, the tool will be marked in some way to differentiate it from the co-op's tools, and that the

no one who is able to perform the fixed gear maneuver "keo spin" shall henceforth be permissioned to czech out a tool or otherwise bicycle maintenancy peripheral utility.

Nicole talked about possibly having a log to increase transparency and accountability
in/out log

Work Tags/tape
tags to identify tentative property
1-week courtesy call
2-week warning - fair game
##extendable in certain circumstances
tape to identify scrap/freak/free fodder

how much space per person - antimo proposed that we wait on deciding exactly how much space until we get a space.

Serial lookup of bikes coming in /
serial clears, bike is accepted
serial doesn't clear - bike gets given back to it's rightful owner
serial ground up - contact donor about it - try to find out if it was stolen - after ____ time

PARTS INVENTORY: what we have/what we don't/where it went - might be too much of a hassle - honor system agreed upon
TOOLS INVENTORY: group agreed - pegboard // shadow tools

Waiver for safety // antimo brought up "covering your ass" - necessary for complete bike or using tools
Ryan volunteered to do the relevant research and getting something together. Antimo will also research with past coop exp

KEYS: limited number of keys to trusted people - belong to people - no floating/travelling keys. They'll be distributed to people on an "as needed" basis - key holder contact on the front door. Jonbeard brought up that key people ought to treat it more as a responsibility than a privilege. If shop is opened for person, keyholder ought to stay until the shop is closed up.

Work Orders are out - no work without showing people how to do it - certain work done FOR people in certain situations

Calendar of Events

Sleeping in the space is frowned upon, but not completely unallowed. Legitimate reasons may present themselves, we'll take it on a case-by-case basis.

we talked about cultural/language barriers and how to deal with them. The group all agreed on composing multi-lingual pamphlets explaining our mission for instances of lanuguage barriers

wasn't discussed

- Jonathan
wasn't discussed

TOOLS - HAVE/NEED - Jonathan
wasn't discussed

wasn't discussed

Group agreed on nicole being a "money holder" until the place opens

Mike: set up a table at the milkdistrict bbq
Get julius to throw in buttons
jonbeard: jan 19th show at hoops - table there.
Shitbrick: pass a jar around at bday party
Nicole: postcard fliers from clubfliers
Derek: employee fund at ethos
Ryan: 10% day at ethos
Mike: table at community garage sale - sell nice parts
Jonathan: "nice" parts section for sale
Nicole: planning a race
Ryan: BikeHunx calendar

Next meeting
ideas about boundaries/points
vote on points of unity/mission statement.

Calendar Signup
January: Jeremy
February: Shipwreck
March: Luis Ramos
June: Jon Scarboro
July: Derek
August: Ryan Fromdeland
September: Jimmy
October: Rapevan
November: Mujahid
December: Groupshot?

Friday, January 9, 2009

First Post

We can set up a central email once a name is decided to start the "official" blog with. Drop yr email if you want to contribute. Meeting notes for January 8th in the next post.