Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Volunteer Opportunity Wednesdays

Last night we reached consensus that the co-op would have a presence at the Audubon Park Community Market at Stardust on Wednesday nights. I currently do tune-ups and very basic repairs for tips, which could be transitioned into donations for the co-op. I'd like to get a display and some literature out there next Wednesday if possible, and would really like some other members to come out and volunteer their time and know-how on coming Wednesdays. It's a relaxed environment and the organizer has nothing but good intentions. There are already tools and a stand, so all you would need to bring is yourself. The first few Wednesdays I could hang out and make sure everyone feels comfortable before leaving you on your own.

If you are interested in designing the display and/or volunteering please contact me: jon.scarboro@gmail.com. I'm also happy to give how-to tutorials to those that feel like they could use it.

P.S. I got called into work this Wednesday, the 25th, so I won't be there until the next one on the 4th.

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