Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free repairs Wednesday nights @ Stardust

"Starting this Wednesday, the 4th, Rusted Chain Bike Collective will be doing repairs for free/donations at Audubon Park Community Market. Depending on the turn-out, we'll also be doing some mini-skillshares about things like adjusting gears, overhauling hubs, etc. Bring your bikes/questions/knowledge to Stardust from 6-9pm.



  1. Thanks for showing up everybody! We got some headsets turning, some derailleurs adjusted, and some cookies eaten (big ups to Trent). I'm going to bring a project bike next time, and if you've got something with gears we could use as an example that'd be awesome.

  2. exciting!!!

    I have a frame I really want to sand down and paint, anyone have experience that I could have a chat with?

  3. I'm relatively sure that most of the RCBC has, but I know I have.