Thursday, April 16, 2009

RcBc at Earthday (May 2nd)

So I just had a meeting with Larry about us participating at Earthday...

We are being given TONS of room! The area will be the Rusted Chain Bike Park. Referring both to the fact that there will be a large area to lock up AND to the fact that we will have a large area to do demonstrations and a mini area if we want to use it.

I won't go into everything in depth but I took a few photos of where we will be setting up with descriptions.

I'll be going through it at the Monday meeting and explaining what we need to do (set up times, staffing, etc)

I know not everyone can attend the meeting so members that want to help out can contact me (Trent) directly. Tomorrow is my 25th bday AND 7th year of being vegan, Saturday is Fixed Fight. so while i'll be out and I won't have email anyone can feel free to text me with any questions.

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