Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bike Collective Meeting #2 // 011208

Ryan Fromdeland
Jonathan (had to leave early)

Name - Mike
Mission/Points of Unity - Mike
Explicit Political Agenda? - Mike/Jonathan
What we are/What we're not/boundaries - Mike
Place/Reportbacks if there are any - Mooj
Fundraising - Antimo
Hours - Jonathan
Operations/logs/keys - Jonathan/nicole
Responsibilities - Nicole
Moneyhandling - Mike
Work with the city? - Jonathan
Tools - Have/need - Jonathan
Web presents

The meeting started with a quick, informal discussion about how we would arrive at decisions as a group, i.e. what is our decision-making process. After some quick discussion, we unanimously decided on a strong majority, with emphasis on mediating minority opinions.

Mike asked the group if we'd thought of any names. Jonathan had a point that our name may be reflective of our stated explicit or implicit political views. Mooj suggested that we postpone working on a name as he pointed out that the name has a rather significant impact on whomever works with us. Mike and mooj proposed that we oughtta work on this via the internet. Group voted Yes.

Mike brought up that we need these in writing to be more clear to the public about who we are and what we (will) do.
Mission statement: mooj formally proposed that someone volunteer to write up a statement that we, as a group, will edit and revise it together, then adopt it. Group agreed.

Popular Education on Bicycle Maintenance
"create a world that doesn't rely on the use of fossil fuels"
"Bicycling and knowledge about bicycle maintenance should be a more "Free" process // bicycle shop attitudes alienate"
Sliding scale/option to work for parts/bikes
Safe place - no sexism, racism, homophobia, religious/political discrimination

Discussions revolved around the positive effects of political involvement and the inherent political-ness of a bike collective. We talked about the necessity to not be preachy or alienating by being too densely political. The group agreed to define our positions by a positive whenever possible (i.e. we're for clean air rather than against cars). Support of political groups should be decided on a case-by-case basis with a vote.

Mike talked about his ideas about the purpose of the space.

-drug use // group agreed to no drug use at the co-op
-alcohol // no alcohol during open hours
-after hours // alcohol okay
-if no restroom = no pee pee or poo poo on the premises
-place won't be a party place, unless it's a fundraiser
"if you're there hanging out, have the door open, be ready to help passers by"

tools stay in the shop - group agreed
loaner box for volunteers w/ basic tools to check out
tool ownership - if someone feels comfortable letting the co-op borrow a tool, we ought to allow it with the following conditions: the tool will be used properly, the tool will be marked in some way to differentiate it from the co-op's tools, and that the

no one who is able to perform the fixed gear maneuver "keo spin" shall henceforth be permissioned to czech out a tool or otherwise bicycle maintenancy peripheral utility.

Nicole talked about possibly having a log to increase transparency and accountability
in/out log

Work Tags/tape
tags to identify tentative property
1-week courtesy call
2-week warning - fair game
##extendable in certain circumstances
tape to identify scrap/freak/free fodder

how much space per person - antimo proposed that we wait on deciding exactly how much space until we get a space.

Serial lookup of bikes coming in /
serial clears, bike is accepted
serial doesn't clear - bike gets given back to it's rightful owner
serial ground up - contact donor about it - try to find out if it was stolen - after ____ time

PARTS INVENTORY: what we have/what we don't/where it went - might be too much of a hassle - honor system agreed upon
TOOLS INVENTORY: group agreed - pegboard // shadow tools

Waiver for safety // antimo brought up "covering your ass" - necessary for complete bike or using tools
Ryan volunteered to do the relevant research and getting something together. Antimo will also research with past coop exp

KEYS: limited number of keys to trusted people - belong to people - no floating/travelling keys. They'll be distributed to people on an "as needed" basis - key holder contact on the front door. Jonbeard brought up that key people ought to treat it more as a responsibility than a privilege. If shop is opened for person, keyholder ought to stay until the shop is closed up.

Work Orders are out - no work without showing people how to do it - certain work done FOR people in certain situations

Calendar of Events

Sleeping in the space is frowned upon, but not completely unallowed. Legitimate reasons may present themselves, we'll take it on a case-by-case basis.

we talked about cultural/language barriers and how to deal with them. The group all agreed on composing multi-lingual pamphlets explaining our mission for instances of lanuguage barriers

wasn't discussed

- Jonathan
wasn't discussed

TOOLS - HAVE/NEED - Jonathan
wasn't discussed

wasn't discussed

Group agreed on nicole being a "money holder" until the place opens

Mike: set up a table at the milkdistrict bbq
Get julius to throw in buttons
jonbeard: jan 19th show at hoops - table there.
Shitbrick: pass a jar around at bday party
Nicole: postcard fliers from clubfliers
Derek: employee fund at ethos
Ryan: 10% day at ethos
Mike: table at community garage sale - sell nice parts
Jonathan: "nice" parts section for sale
Nicole: planning a race
Ryan: BikeHunx calendar

Next meeting
ideas about boundaries/points
vote on points of unity/mission statement.

Calendar Signup
January: Jeremy
February: Shipwreck
March: Luis Ramos
June: Jon Scarboro
July: Derek
August: Ryan Fromdeland
September: Jimmy
October: Rapevan
November: Mujahid
December: Groupshot?


  1. also multi-lingual pamphlet explaining our mission for instances of lanuguage barriers

  2. hey can i be mr april? oh and for fundraising sean and i have the capture the flag

  3. or any month available as i see luis is april (dayum hes dreamy) :)

  4. sounds good. can i oil myself down with chain lube?