Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bike Hunx Calendar UPDATE:

Here's the details as the exist so-far for the Bike Hunx Calendar:

January: Facefulloflightning
February: Shipwreck
March: Brian Badluck
April: Luís 'el guapo' Ramos
May: Eric Montañez
June: Jon Scarboro
July: Derek SchleppinDeckle
August: Ryan Fromdeland
September: Jimmy
October: Rapevan
November: Mujahid
December: Josh Hood

also Antimo, Garrett, Justin, Zach Fortune, Nick, Anthony Positano (yes we signed you up, anthony), jonbeard

As you'll notice, we've got 12-months lined up, and, depending on when we get this shot/compiled/printed, it'll concieveably run from the month-after. For example, if we get these done in february, we'll start with March (Badluck, pressure is on...) and roll until February 2010 (wow 2010 sounds weird...). I know we talked about other people who we'd like to try to include in this (hood, etc.) - so maybe we could work on an 18-month calendar? Or maybe skip the group shot? What does everyone think?



  1. lol, i like the group shot idea but i can do without it.

  2. what bout some months having more than one person...?

  3. hood wants in too - cover groupshot sounds good - what if we go 13 months? that'd be weird!

    i.e. dec: hood, jan 2010 antimo?

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  5. yeah i'm down... totally wish i would have been there for this discussion. Total genius.

  6. been having trouble with finding time to use the internets. i just now am reading the newer posts. hope you are checking old comments. i would love to be in the calendar. also sarah can take the pix and maybe get a disc on printing.