Wednesday, January 14, 2009

City Involvement Pt. 1

Julius Wisened us up to this:

"Julius: The City of Orlando is actually interested in helping such an effort and may even have a space for it. Contact me at 407-481-5672 x318 or"

I followed up with Mighk via email...

Email Correspondence

Me to Mighk:
"Hello Mighk,

My name is Ryan Hutchinson, and I'm helping put this idea into motion.
Is there a time we would meet to talk about what goals we may have in

Thanks for your interest

Mighk to Me:
"Pretty much any time. I've got a 3:30 mtg today, and I'm teaching
tomorrow night between 5:00 and 9:00. Call my cell at 407-488-9990.


Me to Mighk:
"(not to sound too professional, but...) i'll talk to my people and see
when everyone's available - maybe earlier next week?


So that said what "terms" are we going to set for participation in such a thing? When would people be able to meet this person?

My own ideas:
-we have complete autonomy over the way the spot is run
-there will be no profiteering opportunities for anyone (city and us included)
-city shouldn't get all the credit
-we keep our radical agenda


  1. I agree with you Ryan. I would like to see what the city has to offer first before we set any real guidelines. For instance...if they just want to give us a few bikes, or they want us to rent a space from them, I'd rather not even do it. I'm pretty much free, or can be for a meeting. Did it seem like they would be willing to meet somewhere outside of their office?

  2. Agreed. Unless they are making an offer like free rent or taking away all the bike cops' Cannondales and letting us give them away, I'd just assume stay unaffiliated. That said, I'm free on weekdays to meet and see what they're into giving us.

  3. not to get all daoist, but i think we should stay as open minded about this as possible. if we start developing preconceived notions about what they may offer or expect were just as bad as what we're aiming not to be.

  4. mighk's talking mills market - anyone up for some coffee beginning of next week?

  5. if im off im in. we can see what they bring to the table. however with the involvment of the city comes close scrutiny, and other things affilited with the co-op might see some of that too.

  6. I def. Want to be there. Let's make sure to be very prepared for this.

  7. Let me clarify that I work for Metroplan Orlando, which is the regional, three-county transportation planning agency, and NOT the City of Orlando. I am the bicycle & pedestrian planner at Metroplan and also sit on the board of Get Active Orlando, a City program that tries to get more people walking and biking for any reason (but especially transportation). So I cannot really speak for the City.

    Let’s just see this as a get-to-know-one-another meeting and explore options. I’ll see if I can get an actual City staffer to join us, too.

    Don't know who said it, but: "Great things can be done if you don't care who gets the credit."