Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Location Proposal

$600 20'x15' upstairs at the Cameo Theatre

near the intersection of colonial and thornton (1 block west of mills)


  1. any word on 24hr access or restrictions?

  2. upstairs? not a great way to haul bikes, up and down a staircase that is.

    inconvenience in this case = not cool.

  3. i like the price and the location, personally - the upstairs thing might suck and i don't know if it's stairs/elevators/etc. from the email i got, it sounds like the place is 24hr accessable and we'd have use of the big main bottom for big events if need be.

  4. find out a little more bout it but i agree with ravevan its a little small thats bout half the size of the other place for the same price