Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Name Meeting // Bike Hunx

No notes were taken for the "meeting" at my house this morning. We talked about the name some more, and decided that based upon how difficult it is to get everyone together at once (especially those who want to help but can't make meetings), that we'd try to get some type of online meeting together.

Naming process proposal:

1) Online, Those-Involved, Nomination-Ballot Method

a) it's tough to get everyone together to meet

b) many of us are online

c) people who aren't involved or don't plan on being involved should not be able to vote on the name

d) process - all "involved" each nominate one name from the "big list" / once the "final list" is compiled, those "involved" will vote on the name / most votes should win

e) pros: efficient, quick, decisive, ought to decide the "most liked" name

f) cons: there may be a situation to arise that there will be many choices with one vote (likely the choices' nominator), allowing a choice with only two votes to pass with a possible 2-for 15-against margin.

g) mediation option: group discusses the nominees and narrows it down to 4 "finalists"



Bike Hunx Calendar

We've got two photographers lined up, Mel and Sarahbeard. We've got 20 committed "models."

Time to connect the dots...

Tentative/Example Run Order:

February: Shipwreck
March: Brian Badluck
April: Luís 'el guapo' Ramos
May: Eric Montañez
June: Jon Scarboro
July: Derek SchleppinDeckle
August: Ryan Fromdeland
September: Jimmy
October: Rapevan
November: Mujahid
December: Josh Hood
January: Antimo
February: Garrett
March: Anthony Positano
April: Zach Fortune
May: Nick
June: Justin
July: Jonbeard
August: Facefulloflightning

Alternately, we could do a couple "hunx" per month and keep it a 12-month calendar

After talking to mel a little, we thought it would be a good idea for the "hunx" to "plan out" their shot - i.e. get props you'll need yourself, make times for shoots, etc. I'll figure out when Mel/Sarah are available and we could set up some "shoot days" soon. Hunx, check yr emails.

Lets get these done for valentines day ! (wishful thinking, of course)


  1. Is "involved" defined anywhere?

  2. for sure lets get them done before valenties day!

  3. juls

    of course it isn't - it's going to be pretty much anyone who shows an interest in getting this together - i.e. everyone who's helped or asked how to so far - if someone wants to help name, their involved

  4. up the hunx!...in each month.

    i think it'd be good to see what people think of a typical 12 month calender. i've been out of this conversation for a while, but i think it'd be cool

    maybe zach mentioned it, but having the hunx whose birthdays fall in that month is a good idea, but poses a problem if no one, let's say, has a birthday in may. it's just an example, so if we're to explore that idea maybe let's also get a list of birthdays.

    i also sent an e-mail out on my thoughts of having a name meeting for reelz. so let's do it!