Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mission Draft

Here's the first draft of the mission statement Antimo and I cooked up. Comments, suggestion, edits, hating welcome.

The objective of The Orlando Bicycle Cooperative is to offer educational, recreational, and career-building opportunities through bicycling. We will provide access to space, tools, and experience in a safe environment free of discrimination. OBC will promote self-reliance through cycling, encourage movement towards environmental sustainability, and grow local unity.


  1. i like it - the only thing i'd keep "flexible" is the name

  2. yeah... we just tossed that on there on the temporary.

  3. i might change growing to fostering. or not. sounds good.

  4. i would look to change the words "self reliance". i feel self reliance creates a society that is extremely introverted compared to the act of forming community which needs some extroversion, or at least a bit of stepping out of many's comfort zones.

    i'd also look into a statement of "why we do it", as the above mentions "what we do". below is a great example.

  5. i forget to mention that a better word, in my opinion, to use would be interdependency. as to me that is a true picture of what community should be.

  6. "career-building opportunities"

    i just think that doesn't fit, or maybe i'm not understanding it correctly.